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Customer care and ongoing training is something we emphasize. Our technicians are trustworthy and admirable. They work diligently to keep air-conditioners running in tip-top shape. Customers are left well-informed and protected.

We are familiar with just about every air conditioning unit in Las Vegas. Our company specializes in inspections, ongoing maintenance, scheduled AC repair, and emergency repair to keep the system operating efficiently and with optimized energy efficiency.

Cutting-Edge AC Repair Systems

Air Conditioning Now AC Repair is renowned for their attention to detail. Every employee in our company – whether they are technicians or customer support staff – are sharp enough to catch potential mistakes that somebody else may miss. We will not leave until a task assigned to us has been completed properly.

Our traditional and digital diagnostic assessments can keep your air conditioning system running at absolute peak performance. We are proficient with contemporary AC repair technology.

The AC repair industry is quite competitive in Las Vegas. We cannot be successful if our customers are not happy. By concentrating on details, training, and technology, we stand out from our counterparts, and the warranty we offer is unparalleled. For any reason, if you are not content with the repairs we have made, just give us a call. We will be happy to rectify things for you.

Air-Conditioning, Your Health, and Energy Costs

The air conditioning unit in your home directly affects a couple of different things: your health and your energy bill. Our years of experience in this industry has given us extensive experience and knowledge about them both.

Health – the air quality in your home is much more important than you think – especially when you’re asleep. A majority of people breathe through their mouths when they are sleeping. That is where the body’s air filters aren’t as prominent. We have discovered a lot of things about respiratory issues, allergies, and the way air quality impacts our lives.

Energy efficiency – the AC system in your home will be working hard when temperatures at nighttime surpass 100°F. Even the smallest energy efficiency increases will result in significant savings during peak use. Air Conditioning Now AC Repair’s technicians have been trained to provide suggestions that can reduce your energy bill. Each member of our staff are experts, so don’t be discouraged from asking them as many questions as you want. By doing so, you could end up saving a lot of money with each passing month.

Ongoing Training

When your AC system doesn’t work anymore, and the weather is scorching hot, repairing the system will essentially be an emergency.

Air-conditioning isn’t a luxury in the city of Las Vegas, it’s a necessity. An AC system that breaks down during the hottest of seasons is certainly an emergency in our eyes. After giving us a call, you’ll be treated professionally from start to finish of this whole process. We will restore comfort in your home by prioritizing the repair of your AC unit.

Our trainers and managers are some of the industry’s most qualified experts. Each one of our technicians undergoes ongoing and rigorous training for the sake of remaining on top of this industry, which is always changing. Over the last half-decade, the HVAC sector has been through a couple of redesigns – one to accommodate the federal government’s mandated minimum efficiency, the other to deal with the phasing-out of R22.

HVAC technicians that don’t receive ongoing training are no longer qualified to repair contemporary HVAC equipment. You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I receive some sort of guarantee?
  • Will I have the ability to establish a technician’s qualifications?
  • What steps do I take if a technician that is underqualified visits my home?

Let’s say you bring your car to a mechanic, who guesses what the problem with your vehicle is. You’ll be obligated to pay for the cost of having that problem fixed. Days later, another problem develops. You’ll then need to pay to have this newest problem fixed, though the solution is contingent on the mechanic’s assumptions. The cycle will keep going until the technician eventually figures out what the actual issue causing all of these things is, despite the fact that you have been paying him to “fix” one problem after another. If he had diagnosed things properly the first time, you wouldn’t have spent the amount of money that you did. This example can be likened to hiring somebody unqualified or underqualified to fix your AC system. Somebody who isn’t trained to rectify damages can end up damaging the system beyond repair. Irreparable damage can set in if they used an incorrect charging or refrigerant and/or used improper specifications.

High-Quality Parts

There are many HVAC part manufacturers out there. Most customers lack the ability or time to determine which of those parts are of high quality and suitable for their needs. Many AC companies capitalize on this, opting to buy and resell cheap parts, simply because they can.

Air Conditioning Now AC Repair tests out each part we use right after it has been manufactured. The manufacturing companies we work with conduct quality tests and inspections to guarantee reliability and functionality. High-quality parts will be contingent on things like air quality, facility, assembly processes, bearing design, dimension, resistance, continuity, winding integrity, and raw materials. Customers know we have their best interests at heart, and we don’t take their trust for granted!

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