Air Conditioning Service Las Vegas

Las Vegas AC Service from Cool Air Now

Our Las Vegas Air Conditioning Service Starts With a $25 Service Call.

Our air conditioning service call is only and always $25.  It’s much less than any other Las Vegas air conditioning company’s service call for these reasons:

  1. It’s best for you.  If our technician looks and nothing is broken, or if you don’t want to proceed with the repair, you’re not spending $50, $60, or $75.
  2. It’s honest.  We don’t charge $60, then waive that fee if you proceed with the repair.  Service calls are expensive to an air conditioning service company, and even if you don’t see it on your bill, you’re paying for it.  With Cool Air Now Las Vegas, you see every item you’re being charged for, including the service call.  Which is the cheapest in town.
  3. It’s popular.  Our $25 air conditioning service call is a hallmark of Cool Air Now, and it helps our customers stay in love with us.

Ongoing Training for our Air Conditioning Service Technicians

We are very careful in our hiring and training practices.  We know that our technicians are going to be the strongest representative of our company you will encounter, and we make sure that their values are our values.  Specifically:

  1. We take the time.  Do you want to know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it?  We’ll tell you.  Do you want to know how to keep your equipment in top shape, how to save money in your power bill, or what to look for in your next upgrade?  We’ll take the time to talk.  The short term profits we could make by sending technicians dashing from job to job are nothing compared to the long term benefits we create by turning new clients into long-term, educated, loyal friends.  All of our air conditioning service technicians know this.
  2. We know our stuff.  Air conditioners are changing all the time, and we’re keeping up.  There is no one specialist here that must be called in emergencies.  If one technician knows something the others don’t, he must teach the whole crew.  Period.  We find the time for ongoing, team-based training.  That’s why all of our guys are EPA certified and NATE certified.

From New Service Customers to Loyal Friends

Cool Air Now is efficient.  We are effective.  We want you to know that.

Most of our services come with a lifetime warranty or a no break down guarantee.  Customer satisfaction always comes with a 100% guarantee.  Our technicians arrive on time, do their jobs well, and take the time to talk to you.

Discounts for Military and Seniors

As a service company ourselves, we have a strong sense of pride in those who have served the most: Our military, and our seniors.  We want to give our best to those who have dedicated or given their lives to freedom, and to those who dedicated their lives to the future of their children and grandchildren.

We’re proud to discount our services to men and women in our military, and to our seniors.

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