Air Conditioning Replacement in Las Vegas

Air conditioning replacement units in Las Vegas

Air Conditioning Replacement Las Vegas

An HVAC unit can last anywhere from 12 to 18+ years.  Older units can keep working even far past their predicted use dates with a little luck and maintenance.  At some point, though, the homeowner will have to decide if the mounting costs of maintenance and declining energy efficiency are worth the price.  Air conditioning units are under a particularly heavy load in Las Vegas, where nights in July and August might remain over 100 degrees.  In a city that doesn’t cool down for months at a time, AC units will work overtime, and shoddy maintenance or wasted energy will add up to a serious expenditure.

A poorly executed installation will result in huge efficiency losses.  It’s very important to perform an air conditioning replacement properly.  Let us set aside the time to do it right.

Choose Your Air Conditioning Replacement Well

Even residential HVAC units are built with a wide variety of capacities.  You must purchase a system that meets the airflow requirements of your house.  If you don’t, you’ll place too much of a strain on a smaller unit, or waste money and power on a larger unit.  A full inspection of the ductwork in your home is helpful, and a full survey of the floor space will tell an experienced AC technician exactly what system will serve your needs the best.

The installation decision is an important one.  We want long term relationships, not one-time sales, so we’ll do our utmost to work with you in making the right decision.

Maintenance to Avoid Air Conditioning Replacements

We’ve worked on HVAC units that are 30 years old and still going strong.  While luck would certainly be factor in keeping an AC system alive so long, the other component to a long-lived HVAC unit is maintenance.

HVAC systems are filled with interlocking components that all need to work, all the time.  When one goes bad, your system may be able to struggle along for a while, but the loss in efficiency will be costly.  A cheap wire going bad should not be the cause of an expensive coil replacement.  Regular maintenance is the key to long-term savings and a long-lived machine.

Leaking Coolant

We never recommend attempting your own repairs on your HVAC unit, and that goes double for a system that is leaking coolant.  The refrigerant used by most air conditioners is extremely hazardous to the environment and to your person.  An amateur repair attempt can result in a danger to your health and an even more broken unit.  We can repair a coolant leak or perform a full air conditioning replacement if necessary.


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