Las Vegas Home Energy Audit

AC Unit During a Home Energy Audit

Perform a Home Energy Audit to Unlock Hidden Savings

Whether you need air conditioning repair, maintenance or replacement we are ready to help. At Cool Air Now, we’re looking forward to working with you in English or Spanish. We provide fast, affordable home energy audits! Start saving money by upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioning unit in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas! The cool air provided by an HVAC system could be costing you more money than you think. Every homeowner can benefit from a Las Vegas air conditioning home energy audit to determine the levels of efficiency in the home. A home with poor insulation, leaking ducts or bad air quality can benefit from the various Las Vegas energy audit tax credits available for upgrading to an efficient HVAC system. An airtight house can be accomplished with Las Vegas house sealing services.

Expense is Noticed On Your Las Vegas Energy Bills

When your home allows too much outside air in or cannot expel hot air correctly, the expense is noticed on your utility bills. When your home has a Las Vegas air conditioning home energy audit, the insulation of your home is inspected. Poor heating and cooling can be remedied with house sealing Las Vegas services. When your home is insulated correctly, your HVAC system will be inspected for damage, problems and insufficient operation. Improper airflow is a common problem that prevents HVAC functionality.

Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts that carry air through your home will be inspected visually and using digital thermographs to define areas that may be blocked or insufficient. Your Las Vegas air conditioning energy audit can point out your temperature loss and what needs to be repaired or replaced within your HVAC system. Our Las Vegas air duct cleaning can help to save you money on home energy costs. The quality of the air you breathe is important and will be tested during your Las Vegas air conditioning energy audit.

Tax Incentives and Upgrades for Home Energy Audits

After your Las Vegas air conditioning energy audit, recommendations will be made about repairs and upgrades. You can take advantage of our air duct cleaning Las Vegas services to produce cleaner air in your home. These home energy improvements can be used as tax incentives at the end of your tax filing year. The investment in your Las Vegas air conditioning energy audit can reduce your payable tax due to state and federal programs for home energy upgrades. Your repairs, installations and routine air conditioning maintenance Las Vegas services all benefit your home energy consumption costs. Not every homeowner is aware of the benefits of the Las Vegas air conditioning energy audit savings. Improving the efficiency of your HVAC unit helps you to save money in multiple ways. Routine Las Vegas air conditioning maintenance schedules are excellent ways to avoid common problems and can contribute to your energy audit tax credits Las Vegas tax filings.

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