Air Conditioning Emergency Services Las Vegas

When any of our customers are without air conditioning or in any state of discomfort as it pertains to air conditioning, it considered to be an emergency. At Cool Air Now, from the moment we answer the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a live customer service representative until the moment your problem is resolved, you will know by the actions of any representative that your problem is of the upmost importance to us.

The demand for air conditioning service more than doubles in volume during the summer months in Las Vegas. How would an air conditioning company be able to accommodate the increase?

  • Do you think that air conditioning companies in Las Vegas double their size to accommodate the increase in volume? This would mean constantly hiring and firing AC technicians and support personnel as the season change. They would constantly have new employees. I wonder how trained they would be?
  • Do you think the existing staff would just work double the hours to accommodate the increase in volume? This would cost a company a fortune in overtime. I wonder how tired these employees would be. I wonder how rushed they would be or how many short cuts they would be taking?
  • Most companies just make their customers wait. If they have to choose between 2 customers, one is a warranty call which they can’t make money on and the other call is a new customer that they can, which one do you think they will take care of first? This is a big problem in our industry. The company already has the customer’s money and they know they are not going anywhere so they use every lie in the book to make them wait, day after day, for warranty service that they are owed.

At Now Services we have a solution!

The answer is to diversify. By doing business in multiple areas of our industry we are able to maintain a larger staff year round of service technicians. The new construction division for instance does not have the sense of urgency that emergency service repair does. In fact our commitments are loose and we have long time lines to complete projects. Instead of pinching pennies for profit in construction we man our jobs with cross trained qualified technicians. If the phone starts ringing off the hook, we simply divert technicians to handle the increase in demand. This system ensures that our customers will receive the attention they deserve when they need it.


Having a trained professional answering the phone is essential. In our industry, the range of customers needs is vast. Normally, it would take years of experience to be qualified. At Now Services our customer service representatives undergo extensive in house training to achieve a highly qualified status. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can expect to speak to a qualified representative that will have the answers you desire.


At the center of our air conditioning company are some very skilled service dispatchers. They are the link between the client and the technician. Successfully resolving customers concerns cannot be achieved without the coordinating skills of a trained dispatcher. At Now Services, we acknowledge this and devote many hours of training for our dispatchers to be the best.


Our relationship with our long list of satisfied customers is supported with a state of the art computerized data base. It is industry specific and enables us to know what we need to know about our customer’s equipment and property to be successful. At Now Services we believe that a customer has the right to expect us to know specifics about their property and their equipment when being revisited.


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