Energy Audit

Home Energy Audits Should Be Performed to Find out What Savings You Are Missing Out On

If you require air conditioning maintenance, replacement, or repair, we will be more than happy to help you. Air Conditioning Now AC Repair’s customer service reps speak both Spanish and English. We can offer you an affordable and quick home energy audit! Begin saving money now by upgrading your HVAC unit to one with higher efficiency. We service residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding area! Cool air that is provided by one of our HVAC systems doesn’t have to cost you as much money as you’ve been spending. Homeowners can reap the rewards of home energy audits to establish the efficiency levels in their homes. If your home has leaking ducts, poor air quality, or lackluster insulation, there are tax credits for energy audits available that allow you to upgrade to more efficient HVAC systems. A home that is airtight is achievable with the sealing services we can install.

You Will Appreciate The Upgrade Once Your Energy Bill Comes In

Your house allows a lot of outer air to come in, or may not be able to correctly push out hot air. When this happens, your energy bills will be quite high. However, if your house undergoes an AC energy audit, an inspection of your home’s insulation will be conducted. Poor cooling and heating can be rectified with the sealing services we offer. Once the home is correctly insulated, the HVAC system can be assessed for potential problems, damages, and insufficient operations. Incorrect airflow happens to be a typical issue that hinders HVAC functionality.

Cleaning Air Ducts

Ducts that are carrying air from one part of your home to another will be visually inspected. Digital thermographs will also be used to establish areas that are either insufficient or blocked. An AC energy audit has the potential to isolate temperature losses. It can also determine what must be either replaced or repaired inside an HVAC system. The duct cleaning services we offer can ultimately reduce your energy bills. The air quality in your home is very important because you are breathing it in for a better part of the day. Air quality will be evaluated as part of the AC energy audit.

Upgrades and Tax Incentives for a Home Energy Audit

After the AC energy audit has concluded, suggestions will be offered about upgrades and repairs. You are welcome to capitalize on our duct cleaning services in order to clean the air inside your home. Such home energy solutions can be declared when you are filing your taxes, as certain tax incentives are involved. Investing in a quality AC energy audit will minimize the amount of tax you need to pay, courtesy of federal and state programs. Installations, repairs, and maintenance of air conditioners ultimately influence the energy consumption expenses of your home. Not all homeowners are mindful of the advantages that come with an AC energy audit. Enhancing an AC unit’s efficiency will reduce your costs in several ways. Standard AC maintenance schedules will ultimately save you a lot of headaches. They can also be used as energy audit credits, come tax time.

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