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Be mindful that an AC system comes with an abundance of different moving parts, all of which have fail rates, just as your car does. If your car’s oil isn’t changed, or if maintenance hasn’t been performed regularly, an expensive disaster will be on the horizon.

Repairing an AC system once it has broken down will cost you about the same amount of money that repairing an automobile would. Most people don’t understand how vital AC preventative maintenance is. Think of this process as a “tune-up” for your air conditioner. It runs outside for hours on end under significantly high pressure, pumping, turning, shaking, and vibrating each second it’s on.

Understand the Following

Something as basic as loose wiring can result in expensive damages. Such failures are preventable. Most air conditioning companies in Las Vegas will not tell you about this. That is because they will make much more money fixing failures than they would preventing them. Getting an air conditioning system maintained before the summer season will be just as crucial as ensuring your automobile is prepared to ride from one city to another.

A proper air conditioning tune-up must be sectioned off into a few requirement categories. Firstly, manufacturers recommend using a maintenance procedure comprised of 15 points. Safety inspection will be the second category, followed by comfort analysis.

The Tune-Up (a.k.a. Maintenance Procedure)

All air conditioning manufacturers include a preventative maintenance/tune-up procedure with their equipment. Our company’s AC service technicians go through rigorous preventative maintenance training procedures. They are certified to conduct technical procedures, no matter what manufacturer the unit was built by. Accomplishing this status will be expensive and painstaking, however, it ensures that the equipment functions as it should. Air Conditioning Now AC Repair’s AC technicians are regularly tested, and their on-field performances are graded. We take steps to prevent future failure from befalling your air conditioning unit.

Zero Breakdown Guarantee

Our AC service technicians will conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, comfort analysis, and preventative maintenance. If your AC unit breaks down in the future, the safety inspection, comfort analysis, and maintenance procedure costs will be refunded to you.

Maintenance and Tune-Up Policy

Procedures that are performed incorrectly or not something our company is known for. On the contrary, our technicians go out of their way to ensure minimal breakdowns transpire. They will perform preventative maintenance procedures that are officially recognized, and are paid handsomely by us to do so. Maintenance conducted by Air Conditioning Now AC Repair’s service technicians comes with a zero-breakdown guarantee, to boot.

Refrigerant Usage

While tune-up procedures differ per manufacturer, most of the concern areas involve using the right equipment, and having the certification necessary to use it. The quantity of refrigerant within an AC system must be set at the correct level to accommodate the comfort levels of each customer. By preventing multiple failures, you will increase efficiency, as well as reduce your energy bill.

Loose Connection

With each hour your AC unit operates, its electrical and mechanical components will inevitably loosen up. A loose connection inside an electrical circuit will result in permanent electronic failure. Increased wear will come about from a surplus of amperage within the control components. A loose connection can cause a variety of preventable failures. Our air conditioning technicians have been trained extensively. They know what torque specifications are necessary to rectify such conditions.


An AC system comes with a lot of moving parts, most of which warrant lubrication for the sake of preventing premature failure and excessive friction. Our air conditioning technicians have been trained to make sure that those parts are properly lubricated.

Transferring Temperatures

An AC system’s primary function involves absorbing heat from your home’s indoor air, then rejecting it toward the outer air. A couple of components are developed to accomplish these transfers of temperature. Air Conditioning Now AC Repair’s technicians are properly equipped and extensively trained to optimize the temperature transfer’s effectiveness. Several variables are involved with this process. Optimal temperature transfer failure will lead to more expensive operating costs, in addition to preventable wear (impacting expensive, essential components).

Minimizing Amp Draws

Whenever an electrical component does what it is intended to, the quantity of electricity used by it is measured by way of amps (a.k.a. amp draw). An amp draw will be high if the component uses a significant amount of energy. Our AC technicians specialize in this particular area. They are trained to reduce amp draws, thereby increasing the component’s life and efficiency. Understanding what amp draws mean (either too low or high) is something that our technicians are adept in determining.


There are several potentially dangerous areas associated with the standard AC system operation. Our technicians evaluate such areas to make sure that standard operating conditions are being enforced. Considerations like mechanical parts that are fast-moving, electricity, high-voltage, high-temperature operating components, high amperage wire integrity, and structural equipment support are what the technician will be concentrating on. Making sure that your AC equipment is operating safely is something we prioritize.


The comfort of our clients is something else our company prioritizes. More often than not, our technicians will have the ability to improve comfort levels with minor adjustments. Sometimes customers just need a little bit more information about the way their system operates. Our technicians will take the time to make sure that you understand the variables involved with comfort.

Most customers tend to accept inadequacies under the belief that they’re an aspect of regular operation. It isn’t until a certified specialist comes to a client’s house that they find out otherwise. Issues like cold and hot spots, restless sleep, excessive dust, dry sinuses, and dry skin can come about. Airflow access, temperature fluctuations, equipment noise, and air noise could all contribute to improper operation of an AC system. Our technicians are comfort specialists. They have what it takes to identify what your unit’s problem is, then resolve it for you.

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